Documents required for sport visa

According to the Schengen Visa Codes there are certain requirements which all applicants must pass and any Schengen Visa applicant must provide specific form signed and duly-filled. Also it should be noted that any Schengen Visa application must be lodged at least fifteen days before a intended date of visiting Schengen area and this includes traveling to sport events as well.

Your Schengen Visa application have to contain two recent pictures of you in passport form and light background. So the size of your application picture should be 3.5 cm times 4.5 cm just like your passport picture. You also have to provide valid travel document and passports with validity of next three months of your intended departure of Schengen area. Your passport also should contain at least two blank pages and copies of all pages which contain your personal data of the travel document. If you have Ethiopian passport it is enough to provide only copy of the first page. If applicable you have to provide evidence that you were staying in the Schengen area before and provide original and copy of previous visa.

Schengen visa for sport events requires also various fees which you will pay at the Embassy's exchange rate at the time of providing your application. Fees is around sixty EUR and it should be noted that in case of refusal your visa application, this amount of sixty euros will note be refunded to you. When applying for Schengen visa you also have to pay thirty euros for a health insurance policy which would be valid for all areas in the Schengen for duration of your intended stay. Grace period is also covered with a health insurance policy.

When applying for Schengen visa it is not necessary to provide a flight ticket at this time and you can do it later when after getting your Schengen visa. If employed persons are requiring a Schengen visa application stamped and signed letter from their current organization or employer are needed. Original and copy of business licence have to be provided as well. In case when organization or employer is covering traveling expenses, bank statement of at least six months and current balance are needed. If you are self-employed than you have to provide original and copy of your business license ad original an copy of tax registration.

If a minor is traveling to Schengen area for sport event, original and copy of birth certificate is required legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In case when minor is traveling there are also required original and copy of both parents passports or IDs if applicable. If you are traveling to the Schengen are as a part of an organization representing it, signed and dated letter from the leader of organization is required.

2017 Common Application Centre, Republic of Moldova
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